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    Laura Post

At the age of six, Laura Post found a passion for voice over work upon the discovery that actual people did the voices for some of her favorite cartoon characters. It was then that she began singing and studying the interesting quirks and characteristics of her own voice. The internet opened up a new world of Voice Over for Laura, where she found communities and new opportunities to do Voice Over work from her own Home studio. Having received her B.A. in Animation, she is now living in LA further pursue her dream. Laura is very excited to be a part of the Tiger's Quest Cast. You can visit her website at http://www.laurapost.net


David Ault

David has had a varied existence, starting off as a graduate in astrophysics before going through planetarium presenting back to drama school. In all this time internet voice acting has become a prominent feature for him, and he regularly twists his voice into contortions for a variety of sites, from Darker Projects to Pendant. His goal is to play the Doctor in the BBC Series Doctor Who, and to present a science show on TV. He already does the latter via podcast, at www.jodcast.net



David McAlister

David is a well-known British actor who has been appearing regularly on film, television and radio for over 20 years, as well taking lead roles in many West End musicals.

David lives near London and has his own sound studio, regularly voicing commercials and industrials for clients in USA, UK, The Middle East and Asia.



Noella Menon

Noella Menon has been doing jingles and voice overs for leading brands since she was in college. The short film, Haptics, which she scripted and lent her voice for the lead role 'Diana', got international recognition when it won Best Animated Short at the Hollywood Film Festival 2006. Besides this, she has produced and lent her voice to several humorous animated shorts and cartoons published on leading entertainment portals such as atomfilms.com, futurethought.tv, grab.com, flowgo.com, madblast.com, smilepop.com, iranianpersonals.com and splashspot.com. She runs her own voice over and jingle studio called 'VelvetVoices'.



Lauren Burns


Betsy LaPolla

Betsy was bitten by the acting bug at the age of 10 when she was cast in her first stage role.  Since then, she has been involved in several stage productions and has done  local radio ads and video narration.

Betsy began voice acting this past May as a way to satisfy her "inner ham".  She lives in Upstate New York with her husband and young son.


Crystal Lonnquist

Crystal has been acting in theater, speech, and independent film since elementary school. She recorded her first voice over commercial in early 2006 and has loved voice acting ever since. She continues to voice characters for animation, independent videogames, and audio dramas in her free time while pursuing a major in Graphic Design and a minor in Theater at Bethany Lutheran College in Minnesota. Information about Crystal can be found at http://www.freewebs.com/morningstar_smiles


Robert Pike Daniel

Robert, based in Los Angeles, has worked in film, TV and on stage for many years and is an award-winning graduate of Britain's National Film & Television School. Robert is currently working on a new TV show for Endemol, on a documentary for British Petroleum's 100th anniversary, on two popular video games and on pilots for two animation series. He is also narrating a major series on the psychology of golf. Robert has his own recording studio. 



Peter Stern

Peter is based in London and had been acting on stage for over a decade. Now building his film portfolio, he trained at the London Drama School with additional training in professional sight reading for voice-over work. Skills include improvisation, piano, drums, juggling and puppetry.

Peter is now concentrating on obtaining theatre, film/TV and voice work. Photos, voice clips and credits are on his web site www.peterstern.info


David Seys

A member of a well-known banking family, David was brought up in Africa and then sent to Harrow school before training to be an accountant. He soon realised that this was not the life for him and accepted a recording contract with EMI. This led him to setting up one of Londonís leading music production companies servicing mainly the advertising industry, followed by a 5-studio central London recording studio complex that specialises in sound tracks for TV and radio.

Details of David can be found on www.britishvoice.tv


Adam Behr


Kris Kittleson


Jim Strait

Jim Strait is a stage actor, director, designer, and producer of more than 150 plays and musicals.  He recently added voice actor to his resume and keeps busy voicing commercials, audio lessons and audio books, and character narratives from his home studio in Palm Springs, California.  Jim recently voiced more than twenty characters for a new recording of the King James Bible and played several rather hysterical security guards for the upcoming video game, Exodus from Earth.


Ed Mace

Ed Mace has been involved in voice overs for the past 25 years, with character portrayals having always been a love. Recently he has devoted much of his time to voicing computer/video games and animated projects. From trailers, television and radio ads to IVR, industrials and storytelling, Ed Mace is certainly one voice to be reckoned with.



Marty Kittleson

Marty Kittelson has been active in amateur theatre productions for over thirty-five years. She has enjoyed featured stage roles at Spokane Civic Theatre, Spokane Childrenís Theatre and Woodland Productions in Kettle Falls. Armed with a minor in theatre, Marty has exercised her jack-of-all-trades abilities by teaching, directing, choreographing, acting, set design/construction, producing, and theatre management for numerous plays, musicals and concerts at the Woodland Theatre in Kettle Falls since 1983. Marty is anxious to develop her offstage abilities in voice over work with her debut in Tigerís Quest.


Marc Cashman


Shannon Howes-Hulse


Diane Matson

Began performing at 3. First acting class - age 6. In 1991, her first film audition scored a national commercial. To reach her goal of being filmed in every state (5 down, 3 contracted, 42 left), Diane happily performs in features, TV shows, commercials, shorts, corporate & music videos.



Timothy Linton


Rob Mahoney

Rob Mahoney is an award-winning professional actor whose credits include film, television, radio, computer games, computer software, audio books and modeling. Rob (Noxious) recorded and toured internationally as a keyboard player with such acts as The Killer Bees, I-Tex and Elouise Burrell. Also a visual artist and design engineer, Rob is a multi-faceted, modern day Renaissance man.










Lord Steven


Preferring the life of a recluse, Lord Steven has authored many tomes under several different pen names. The Tigers' Second Quest  is the second of five novels in the Tigers' Quest series. Although having dabbled in many genre, most of his works tend toward science fiction and fantasy.

One of Lord Steven's most favourite stories is Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. Sharp readers will find homages to that story throughout the Tigers' Quest series.


Jared Cowing

Jared Cowing is a 20 year old musician studying composition and audio production at Ithaca College where he studies with composers Dana Wilson, Sally Lamb, and Gregory Woodward. He has been writing music for six years in various styles, though his most prominent influences are modern classical and film music. He has written works for numerous projects and performers, receiving performances from both small and large ensembles. Upon graduation he hopes to write music for video games, film or television. He also plays the bassoon, piano and violin.


Omar Najmi
Vocalist (Nature's Song Remix)




Amy Suznovich
Vocalist (Nature's Song Remix)




Caroline Marshall
Vocalist (The Tiger Sleeps Tonight)




Sanjay Agrawal

Sanjay is the moderator of the WordAnywhere message board where he willing and able to assist anyone who is looking for translations to the Hindi language.


Maite Cornejo GoŮi


Jim MacAurther

Having directed audio dramas for over thirty years, Jim was a natural choice to take on the story of the two tigers and their struggle to survive. His credits include documentaries and commercials as well as comedy and fiction, which make for a perfect blend for this natualistic tale.


Thomas Himinez

Tom Himinez is the current president of Everlasting Films. Having been an actor and writer for over twenty years, his experience in front of the camera and microphone brings invaluable skill behind it. When not acting, he keeps busy as a Real Estate investor and working on productions behind the scenes.


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