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Female tigress. Second-born of her littermates. Mate to Tiggra. Mother of Firberan, Joshua, Claira, and Windie. Like any tigress, she is strong and determined, but she maintains a feminine softness to her. She is a loving, caring mother, but she is inexperienced as this is her first litter. For a while, she had thought she was barren, having come into season several times previously yet not becoming pregnant a horrifying thought for any tigress. Clairese is a good compliment to Tiggra and loves him very much. But Tiggra'sinjury and inability to hunt places an extra burden on her. Like any animal, she is frightened of the humans. It could almost be said that she is in denial about them and their threat at least until that threat manifests itself in the most tangible way possible.  
    Male albino tiger. Fifth and last-born of his littermates. Mate to Clairese. Father of Firberan, Joshua, Claira, and Windie. Having been forced from his parents at a young age, just trying to survive has made him more self-confident, but he isn't arrogant or any kind of "hero". He is your average tiger who has made due in very difficult situations. He does, however, suffer from some survivor's guilt and is haunted by memories of his family and The Great Slaughter that took them away. Like his father, he stayed with his mate rather than resume a solitary life. Terribly injured by a rhino fight which left his right foreleg gored, he can not hunt like he used to and must rely on his mate to survive. His inability to take care of himself and his family is making him bitter. He believes that the humans are unstoppable.  
    Male human, Briton. Hunter. Believes that animals were put here on Earth to be of use to mankind. Not an evil person by any means. Loves his children, goes to church, and probably plays Father Christmas at the local shopping centre. But has no qualms killing an animal, and relishes the challenge. Holds to the supremacy of mankind over nature. Injured by Tiggra, he now holds a vendetta against the white tiger.  
    Male tiger. Firstborn of Tiggra and Clairese. Brother to Joshua, Claira, and Windie. As firstborn, he is supposed to be the leader of his siblings. But really, he's too young to take such responsibilities seriously. He does try at times, though, but he doesn't exactly command respect.  

Male tiger. Second born of Tiggra and Clairese. Brother to Firberan, Claira, and Windie. Thinks Firberan doesn't take his responsibilities as firstborn seriously enough and that he would be a better leader. But Joshua is a bit timid and would never do good in the role.

    Female tigress. Third born of Tiggra and Clairese. Sister to Firberan, Joshua, and Windie. Given the Parental, her name is the combination of CLAIRese/tiggrA. This makes her think she is the favourite. She is, however, very empathetic and strongly emotional. Thus she makes friends...and enemies...easily.  
    Female tigress. Fourth and last-born of Tiggra and Clairese. Sister to Firberan, Joshua, and Claira. Playful, fun, and full of energy. Named well, she can beat any of her siblings in a race and is definitely more athletic than all of them. Being last in the litter makes her feel she has something to prove, but she doesn't get involved in any of the sibling rivalries. After all, last born is last born and she really doesn't care.  

Male human. Hunter. Been on many hunts and is a brave and fearless hunter. But is of the old school and has no compassion for animals, believing that they were put here on earth solely to be hunted. Has no appreciation of nature if it isn't stuffed and mounted in his trophy room.

    Male vulture. Part used car salesman, part annoying neighbour you can't escape, he's oily and bothersome. If it were possible, he could have given lessons to the Serpent in the Garden of Eden. He's a scavenger like all his kind, with a scavenger's mentality. With regard to his relationships with others, Bizzra is that fly you just can't seem to swat so you've decided to put up with.  
    Male tiger. A tiger in his prime. Strong and confident, he is a loner for the most part like any other tiger. On the surface, he comes across as something of a "bad guy", but he is simply the product of his environment Kill or be Killed, Survival of the Fittest. Can sound a bit arrogant, but has the strength and cunning to back it up.  

Male human, Indian. Father of Darika and Tanvi. Eeks out an meagre existence in his village. Frustrated that the government keeps relocating more people to the area, especially those of a lower caste. Feels more cleared land is needed.


Male tiger. Has the attitude of someone who is very well experience and contemptuous of anyone else. Is very used to fighting to get his way. Takes what he wants and has little mercy.

    Male lion. Kingly in appearance and nature, he's voice is powerful and holds sway over all who hear it. In truth, though, animals have no "king" over them, so he has no political power, as it were. He simply presides over the Great Meeting, bringing the wisdom and knowledge he has accumulated to the animals there.  
    Male panther. Mate to Lona. Anguished over the loss of his cubs to the Killers.
    Female panther. Mate to Tungesh. Anguished over the loss of her cubs to the Killers.  

Male rabbit. Lived pretty long for a rabbit. Friends with Claira, looks upon her almost like a granddaughter...knowing of course that this granddaughter will one day eat you but harmless for now. Friendly toward her, but still nervous like any rabbit.


Female human, Indian. Daughter of Bhushan, sister to Tanvi.


Female human, Indian. Daughter of Bhushan, sister to Darika.


Female monkey. Not too bright, almost "caveman" mentality. Hyper like any monkey.


Male Black Ibis. Could be likened to Raj's Vizier.  




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