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Once, many humans came to this part of India with their guns and took a terrible toll. Hundreds of animals were killed in what was eventually called "The Great Slaughter". Many years passed before humans were seen again, but return they did.

Tiggra and his mate Clairese, two Royal Bengal tigers, were driven from their home due to a prolonged drought. But not before Tiggra suffered a horrible injury to his leg from a rhino fight that left him disabled.

The only water left was dammed up by a village that took the two tigers several days of travel to reach. But the humans and animals could not live together. Edward Laskey, a hunter, eventually captured Tiggra and was taking him away to be sold for his abnormal white coat. But Tiggra escaped, mauling Laskey on the way. Laskey has vowed revenge.

When Tiggra was finally reunited with his mate, he found that she had given birth to their first litter...

Can the new tiger family survive in a world where human and animal fight over dwindling natural resources? Or will the gun of the Killer win out?



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