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The Tigers' Second Quest Music CD


    1. Nature's Song
      (David Ault, Laura Post)
    2. We Live In Symmetry
      (Laura Post, David Ault, with Noella Menon, Laruen Burns, Betsy LaPolla, and Crystal Lonnquist)
    3. Is This Destiny?
      (David Ault, Laura Post, David McAlister, Robert Pike Daniel)
    4. Forever Love
      (Laura Post)
    5. The Approaching Storm
    6. The Rival
    7. When The Killers Came...
    8. Desperate Rescue
    9. The Great Meeting
    10. Tiggra
    11. Clairese


    12. Nature's Song
    13. We Live In Symmetry
    14. Is This Destiny?
    15. Forever Love


    16. Nature's Song
      (Omar Najmi, Amy Suznovich)

      Bonus Tracks
      (Not part of The Tigers' Second Quest soundtrack)

    17. The Tiger Sleeps Tonight
      (Caroline Marshall)
    18. Jungle Night

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All music and lyrics written and produced by Jared Cowing. Copyright Everlasting Films.  (Except Jungle Night, copyright Jared Cowing, and The Tiger Sleeps Tonight, original music and lyrics by Soloman Linda, cover by Jared Cowing, copyright Everlasting Films)


The Tigers' Second Quest and all associated characters, images, events, sounds, etc, copyright Everlasting Films. All rights reserved

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